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Tracheostomy Care

A tracheostomy is an opening through the neck and into the trachea that opens the airway and aids breathing. Depending on the patient's condition. 

Tracheostomy may be temporary or permanent. At Park Avenue, we maintain the very best outcomes for patients in need of Tracheostomy Care. Some conditions include lung disorders, neurological problems, infections, injury, edema, or pulmonary. Under the guidance of our MD Pulmonologist, our skilled team is always on hand to ensure the comfort and safety of every resident. They work together seamlessly to service and monitor the tracheostomy and make adjustments as needed. Our facilities offer:

  •     Advanced diagnostic approach

  •     Tracheostomy weaning

  •     Bedside OT/PT

  •     Bedside Dialysis

  •     Latest therapies and innovations

  •     Rehabilitation services to improve and maintain abilities

  •     Focus on the whole patient and quality of life

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