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Bariatric Care

Our Bariatric Program helps our residents lose weight and regain mobility. The program provides an interdisciplinary approach for severely obese patient and combines rehabilitation, weight loss management, behavioral techniques, nutrition education, stress management, and group support.

Residents receive intensive physical and occupational therapy that helps promote mobility and independence. Exercise is a major focus of the program.

Our dedicated units offer specialized equipment and living accommodations necessary to treat bariatric residents in a comfortable and safe environment. Daily recreation programs provide computer access, movies, exercise groups, entertainment, and a variety of other activities.

Dietitians plan healthy menus and teach residents about nutrition facts and how to make healthy food choices. Residents can choose from a wide variety of nutritious meals that are based on individual food preferences and medical status.

Individual, group and family counseling is provided as well as some form of daily psychotherapy by our full-time social workers. Weekly wellness meetings encourage communication between participants and staff providing support, validation and camaraderie. Residents return home with the tools they need to develop and maintain a healthy, productive life.

We do understand that obesity can be associated with many life-threatening illnesses as well as emotional suffering. Our program is the perfect place to take the first steps back to physical and emotional wellness.

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