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Amputation Therapy

In the United States, about 2,000,000 people are living with limb loss. Every year, 185,000 people undergo an amputation, with below-the-knee amputations most common. With that number expected to double over the next few decades, the need for rehabilitation is likely to grow.

The primary goal of our Amputation Therapy programs is to help regain function. This includes the ability to manage daily self-care. This can be very difficult for a new amputee, but our team is with you at all times to help you become successful and independent.

We also prepare patients for use of a prosthesis, if applicable. This process takes time and specialized care. Physical and occupational therapists address each person’s unique needs for returning to your home and community. Medication management, pain control and healing of the incision are all priorities for the interdisciplinary care team.

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